Too good to be true?

A bunch of art fanatics gathers around the Valletta library found behind the sculpture with a finger through its ears, wine is served and the underlying exhibition discussed. It is a usual opening night. But once you entered the gallery you wonder: What’s all the fuss about? But before you turn around to have another glass of red wine, you push yourself forward to take a closer look.

Always on my Mind

At first glance, Ryan Falzon’s art being exhibited in this place is just simple pencil scribbles, no color and every single piece looks more like a first draft than a masterpiece.

Now, why is everybody celebrating this artist? There is only one explanation: these simple drawings transport a strong message. You can feel as lost as the artist must have felt inspired to sketch the charms bracelet on his nightstand commented by the words “You left these here”. One of the charms being bow and arrow like those of little cupids and a ring.

On some of his exhibited works you recognize situations you’ve been in before: the full ashtray after you smoked a pack without even realizing just because your mind is wandering. Not about anyone in particular but tossing and turning about everything and nothing and so the picture of the ashtray in “bold” with the words “There’s no one who is always in my mind”. The pop culture reference gives the picture a melancholic feeling and signals the underlying wish of every sophisticated Tinderer for someone that stays.

If this exhibition does not capture you, don’t give up on Ryan Falzon just yet. His other work is much more colorful and no less meaningful and often a lot more critical.

For more information about his work, you can visit

Ir-ritratt ta' Vivi Goizet.

Written by Vivienne Goizet

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